"If you can compare a song to describe the R.O.M.B. travel community project it would be the song "Vacation" by Dirty Heads
Founder & cool member of Retire on my budget travel community

My name is Ran Fridman. By nature, I love to help people. It is because I feel good when I'm helping someone. Years ago, I started www.cutsagainstcancer.org, and now I have begun Retire on my budget ( R.O.M.B. ) travel community to help people travel the world 🌎, connect to like-minded people, stay with them, learn or practice new languages and save money.

I was born in Kyiv, Ukraine. However, I have lived worldwide for the past 30 years in the USA, Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

I'm happily married to my lovely wife and have two beautiful daughters. In our family, we speak six languages and want to learn more, travel the world and meet more cool people like you!

I dedicate this project in memory of my grandparents and in honor of my parents who taught me always to help others and treat other people the same way you wanted to be treated.

Project Manager

My name is Yevhen Nefiodov, and I am a 22-year-old individual from Ukraine who holds a Master's degree in Finance.

I'm excited to be part of the team at "Retire on my budget".

I have always been passionate about personal finance and helping people achieve their financial goals.

Joining this team allows me to combine my skills and interests to make a positive impact on people's lives.


World Traveler, and Nomadic Globe Trotter been from and too many places speaking the Language of the World and the Soul of the Universe.

From day one, I was over-joyed regarding the development of RETIRE ON MY BUDGET and eager to join the ROMB TEAM of talented and warm-hearted individuals whose main goal, like mine, is to help people realize their dreams and fulfill their destiny.

From one Dream Voyage to the Next, HAPPY RETIREMENT & HAPPY TRAVELS!

Creative Director

Ran was generous enough to hire me for this blossoming project, I can not wait to see the outcome of our hard work.

As the creative director, I see our work helping many people, whether it is moving to a new country and finding a reliable source of information or traveling and connecting with people worldwide with similar interests or destinations.

Retire on my budget really has it all. I am excited to see how far this goes and would like to personally thank Ran for this amazing project and team.


Hello, I'm Roma Havrylovych, 23 years old, a Laravel developer.

I like to discover new things and travel the world. My best way to travel is by bike, "When riding a bicycle, you feel freedom".

I am happy to be part of the R.O.M.B.